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Terms of use of photos, drawings & other content of Cool Easy Drawings.com that indicates the proper way of giving credit to the works of site contributors.

The images from this site should not be publish anywhere else (online, magazines, newspapers) without the permission to the website admin and to the contributor or artist.

Proper Way of Giving Credits (Option 1)

When you have permission to use the images, please use the proper format in giving credits. Just use the right URL.

Image Credit: http://cooleasydrawings.com/url-example-drawing

Assuming you use the image in this page (open in new window). The URL of that page is http://cooleasydrawings.com/maine-mendoza-basic-portrait-drawing/

Therefore, the format when you use the image/drawing on that page, the format should be like this;

Image Credit: http://cooleasydrawings.com/maine-mendoza-basic-portrait-drawing/

Proper Way of Giving Credits (Option 2)

When you have the permission to use the image from this site for other blog or website, use anchor text. Use the title of the page and link. Here is the HTML code fort that;

Image Credit: <a href=”http://cooleasydrawings.com/maine-mendoza-basic-portrait-drawing/”>Maine Mendoza in Basic Portrait Drawing</a>

The result is → Image Credit: Maine Mendoza in Basic Portrait Drawing

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