Simple Lettering Makes Your ArtWork Neat and Beautiful

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Simple lettering makes your design very beautiful. Your artwork can become even more neat and awesome if there are simple letterings attached on it. So what makes lettering beautiful? it’s simplicity. Simple letters can easily read or are readable while letterings with numerous fonts can just make your design poor.


Simple lettering are normal letters associated with single stroke Gothic letters. Among the different classifications of letters, we find out that Gothic letters are the most attractive (get’s the viewers and readers attention).

In lettering, you must always use guidelines in order for you to create a good lettering. Good lettering simply means having a uniformed letters in thickness, height and strokes.

You can also make a good lettering by using calligraphy or speedball. I am personally using calligraphy pen even in my Samsung Note 4, I use calligraphy pen.

Tips in Making Simple Lettering

  • Avoid having too many fonts in your lettering.
  • Use appropriate letter styles or fonts and avoid too many colors.
  • Make your letters accented or contrasted in your background. Use light colors if your background is dark and vice versa.
  • Do not letter without guidelines. Always use guidelines.

For more information, guides, lettering tutorials and drawing techniques, always visit Share this tips in making a simple lettering with your friends and other artist.

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