President Rodrigo Durterte Portrait Drawing with Quote

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President Rodrigo Durterte Portrait Drawing


What can you say about President Rodrigo Duterte leadership? Here is a good example of portrait drawing (with quote). If you want to read President Duterte latest news use the internet, TV networks and even radio stations.

Popular President Duterte quote during election; “”If you are looking for a good leader, you can look them up in Manila. Binay good, Poe, good, Erap good, Miriam good, Bongbong good, Mar good, Cayetano good, Lacson good. Well, If you don’t find them that good, you can look south … there, you can find the very good”


Find a picture of President Duterte. You can search pictures on Google or on Facebook. Printed pictures are also available in the book store.  You can use simple pictures to draw or the one you can see in this page.

Prepare the necessary materials. Aside from picture, you need to use illustration board,soft brush, charcoal pencil and eraser.

You can use graphs when making this portrait or directly use your pencil when sketching. It is recommended to create a graph for accurate shape of face and to have a perfect results.

This portrait drawing is a perfect example showing the effects of wrinkles, cheek bones and drawings of hands and fingers.

Drawing Tips

  • Draw this portrait using graphs. Apply proper blending of colors (light, medium, dark colors should be placed properly.
  • To create a perfect portrait, follow the colors seen in the model pictures.
  • Show your work to your classmates, relatives and friends. If they say the drawing isn’t recognizable, make a necessary changes.

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One comment on “President Rodrigo Durterte Portrait Drawing with Quote

  1. Sam Lee says:

    “President Duterte to impose nationwide smoking ban in Philippines amid drug crackdown”
    # President Duterte. we voted you to be our representative not to control our life. just want to let you know you are not our boss.

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