Portrait Drawing of Chris Evans Captain America Famous Hollywood Celebrity

Basic portrait drawing of Chris Evans ~ played a role as Captain America. The  artist drawn Chris Evans using Staedtler 6b pencil in ordinary illustration board. Just like sketch of Iron Man in previous drawings, Robert  Downey Jr. was  also drawn perfectly wearing Iron Man mask because of proper pencil blending. Like and share portrait drawing of Chris Evans. Stay tuned to Cool Easy Drawings…

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Kyrie Irving Drawing Wearing Jersey ~ Lebron James Teammate

Here's an example of Kyrie Irving pencil drawing in half body wearing his jersey but the logo wasn't shown in the picture. This point guard professional basketball player of National Basketball Association (NBA) became very famous because of his dribbling skills, shooting and team work to the King Lebron James. In the Philipines, we have  Chris Tiu one of the famous professional basketball player in…

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Drawing of a Girl with Nice Hair Style and Fabulous Dress

This drawing of a girl was drawn using 6b Staedtler pencil created in illustration board by amateur artist. To draw a perfect portrait of a girl like Marian River (see drawing picture), the artist should apply proper blending of  colors (light to dark) or the value scale. It is also an advantage if the artist used brushes and gum erasers. Like and share this simple portrait…

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Drawing of a Girl with Crown of Roses

To draw a portrait of girl, you must have at least soft  brush and a charcoal. In  this drawing, the artist used a 6b pencil but didn't apply  the proper blending and correct pencil strokes. The girl in the drawing look pretty because of the decorative roses in her head. Like and share this portrait drawing of a girl. Stay tuned to Cool Easy Drawings…

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Bob Marley Portrait Drawing ~ One Love for the Art

Looking for Bob Marley portrait drawing? This drawing wasn't perfect. Bob Marley's hairstyle wasn't drawn properly. Great artists who are skilled in drawing and sketching can easily draw Bob Marley. The artist who drawn Bob Marley in this picture is just a beginner in portrait drawing like the artist who drawn Michael Jackson. Bob Marley once said..."None but ourselves can free our minds.". The Jamaican…

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Drawing of Michael Jackson Face & Half Body Outfit Fashion

Here is the cool easy drawing of pop king Michael Jackson in 6b pencil. In this portrait drawing, the eyes, nose and lips wasn't drawn properly. But the drawing was identified as Michael Jackson because of the fashion and hairstyle. Like and share this cool easy drawings with your friends on facebook, google plus, twitter and pinterest. Leave a comment and say something about this…

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Portrait Drawing of Marian Rivera – Sexy & Famous Filipina Celebrity

Portrait drawing of Marian Rivera ~ a Spanish Filipino commercial model, actress and TV shows hosts. Drawing a portrait isn't easy, it takes time to draw a perfect face. But this portrait drawing of Marian Rivera is recognizable, quiet perfect. The eyes, the lips. hair style and the pointed nose was drawn accurately. Like and share Marian Rivera's portrait drawing today. Stay tuned to Cool…

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Portrait Drawing of Chris Tiu PBA Star & Pinoy TV Show Host

Chris Tiu portrait drawing in using 6b pencil and illustration board. Another artwork from Cool Easy Drawings! Chris Tiu is a professional basket player in the Philippine Basket Association PBA. He also used to be a host in Filipino TV shows such as iBilib, Pinoy Records, and Ripley's Believe it or Not! Like and share the portrait drawing of Chris Tiu. Share this drawing with…

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Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man Face Drawing with Helmet

Here is the cool easy drawing today, Portrait Drawing of Robert Downey Jr. wearing his famous character role "IRON MAN". Iron man is one of the popular Marvel Comics character. Courtesy of John Carlo Canlas. Like and share this amazing portrait drawing of IRON MAN (Robert Downey Jr.). Stay tuned to Cool Easy Drawings for more great artwork!

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Are Jumbo Pencils Good to Use in Drawing?

Familiar with the jumbo pencils? Do you use these very big pencils when drawing and sketching? A reader of Cool Easy Drawings ask question regarding which pencils are good to use when drawing and sketching. Which pencils do artist commonly use when they draw? Is it the jumbo pencils or just an HB pencil? Maybe you think a mechanical pencil will do. Jumbo pencils are…

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How to Make Money with Art Skills Online Using Painting & Drawing

Learn how to make money with your art skills like drawing, painting, tattooing, sculpting and even hand lettering with the help of the internet. You can earn a living with your art skills. Some artist are not aware to the fact that they can sell their artworks online. Artists should know how to become resourceful not only during the time when they're creating artwork but…

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Drag Racing Car Drawing in Cross Hatching, Dots & Pencil Rendering

Take a look of this image of racing car drawn using different techniques like cross hatches, dots and pencil rendering. To draw a drag racing car, you need to have a model (real pictures) or draw a racing car on the spot. Like and share this creative drawing of Jaycee Vital.

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