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Omran Boy Drawing: A Syrian Child Caught the World’s Attention

By Artist | CoolEasyDrawings.com | August 21, 2016

Omran Boy Drawing A Syrian Child Caught the World’s Attention

A photo of a Syrian Child turned into drawing. The photo of Omran caught the world’s attention. Omran Daqneesh is an innocent victim of war. How many innocent children affected in Syrian war. I do hope the world will rescue the children and give them a better future. Omran is a reminder that the world should take action to stop war and killings.

What’s the sense of fighting for your religion and philosophy if it your actions contradicts your beliefs. Is that what you want people? Children are suffering because of your “religion and philosophy”? Use your brain and conscience.

A boy drawing from Pinoy Artist, Hussain Lulu. Rate this drawing.


Find a pictures of Omran Daqneesh on the internet. You can download them or save it in your computer or smartphone.

Prepare your the drawings tools and materials needed for this piece of art.

Things Needed

  • Picture of Omran Daqneesh
  • Pencil
  • Colored Pencil
  • Eraser

How to Draw (Portrait Drawing Tips)

Step 1. Create a graph in your picture. The squares found in the graph should be equally measured. Mark your graphs with Letters (e.g. A-Z) and Numbers (e.g. 0-9).

Step 2. In your clean drawing pad. Create a graph bigger than the one you created in the picture of Omran Daqneesh. Enlarge the measurements in the graphs and mark them with letters and numbers.

Step 3. Draw the lines in each graph or squares. Start with the shape of the head followed by its parts like eyes, nose, lips, hair and ears. Then, draw the body (shoulders) and the clothes.

Step 4. Apply blending of colors. Just make the colors the same to the model picture.

Drawing Tips and Techniques

  • Do not draw the picture with haste or in a hurry. Draw the parts of the head one at a time.
  • Use light lines when creating graphs. Graphs will serve as your guide when drawing a portrait.
  • Spend more time in blending to make your drawing beautiful and look like a real photo. You can apply rough or smooth blending depending on how you want your drawing will look like.
  • Do not forget to erase unnecessary lines.

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