How to Make Money with Art Skills Online Using Painting & Drawing

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Learn how to make money with your art skills like drawing, painting, tattooing, sculpting and even hand lettering with the help of the internet. You can earn a living with your art skills. Some artist are not aware to the fact that they can sell their artworks online. Artists should know how to become resourceful not only during the time when they’re creating artwork but during the time when they want to sell their artwork.


In this page of Cool Easy Drawings, I will share to you the best way to make money online using your art skills. I am creative in hand lettering, and do some hand-made greeting card. I also make some portrait drawing and painting during my free time. Believe me, if I sell my artwork online, you can, too!

Selling Your Artwork Online is Not Easy

When I started selling my artwork on the internet, I am thinking very hard how can I make a single sale for my creative lettering quotations. I advertise on other websites and only few people responded.

You know why only few people responded? It is because there are only few people appreciated “art”. People like instant services and products. Imagine if they are not an artists they can make their own portrait drawing on the internet using simple apps on their smartphones or desktop.

That’s a big challenge for every artists. There are applications that can do what an artist’s hands do. But, of course there are art enthusiast who loves real “art” and not those art created by smartphone apps.

Sell Your Art Skills and Make Money

You can sell your art skills online and make money. Tell other people about your services. You can use join outsourcing websites. Create a profile and show some of your artworks.  There are companies who are looking for artists who can draw a very creative company logo.

Sell Your Services at

All you need to do is to register in Post your services and when other people needs your services, they usually pay you for $5 (five dollars) per artwork.

After you earned in your Fiverr account, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal. PayPal is an online processors where in you can send and receive money to other people.

How to Make Money with Art Skills Online like Painting

Image Credit: Boston Public Library via Flickr on CC 2.0 ~ Running The Machine

Sell Your Artwork in eBay and Facebook to Make Money

There are lots of paintings, drawings and even different types of artwork that are available in eBay. The artists create an eBay account and let other people find their artwork in eBay. If you’re interested, just register in eBay and start posting artworks for sale.

Artists use Facebook not to socialize but to sell their artwork on Facebook. Join “buy and sell” groups or any groups related to “art like drawings and paintings”. Sell your items on Facebook groups. You can set your mode of payment and you can ask any price for your artwork.

If you have any ideas on how to make money with your art skills online, kindly share them in the comment box below. Share this page with your friends. Stay tuned to Cool Easy Drawings for more useful topics.

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