How to Appreciate Child’s Drawings?

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Learn how to appreciate your child’s drawings in different simple ways. Here in Cool Easy Drawings, we can give tips to everyone how to appreciate artworks whether it be a painting, a drawing, or just a simple sketch from a kid, adult, amateur or an expert artists.


Appreciating your child’s drawing is also one way in showing to be grateful for. You are giving your child’s drawing a value. You should be glad about the artwork of your child. Parents, teachers and art instructors should understand the benefits of appreciating one’s drawings. And these benefits can also get by the one who appreciates art not just the one who created the artworks or drawings.

Be aware that not all appreciation are pleasing to the ears or eyes of the artist. Recognize the value of giving sincere appreciation. You should be conscious or sensitive enough to the feelings of the artists when you give compliments to their drawings.

If you want to appreciate the sketches, pictures, illustrations, diagrams, portrayals, depictions, representations, doodles or outlines of your students or children, follow the steps below shared by Cool Easy!

How to Appreciate Child’s Drawings

A young person will really become happy if there are adults will appreciate to what they did whether it be an accomplishment, a good deeds, a achievement, or a drawings. Imagine the outcome when your child always get rewards, appreciation, sincere compliments. He will always become enthusiastic in his creation, he always create high quality product, an amazing artwork, a nice drawing or an extra ordinary piece of artwork.

Show Your Child’s Drawings to Other People

This is exactly how I appreciate my students’ drawings. First, I show their drawings to the class. By showing the drawings of my students in front of the class, they will become confident and it is one of the best way to recognize your students’ effort. At home, you can just show the drawings of your child to his brothers or sisters and tell them how good your child is in drawing.

Say something like “Hey, look at this drawing of John Doe, Great Drawing, Isn’t it”. Or tell your class that they should do what John Doe is doing. A creative, disciplined and resourceful student.

How to Appreciate Child’s Drawings?

Image Credit: Musa Musavi via Flickr Cc 2.0

Pin Your Child’s Drawings in Bulletin Board

I have a bulletin board in the classroom about “Best Drawing” and “Best Artwork”. I always pin the best drawings of my students. My students will really become happy when they saw their names in the bulletin board. Bulletin board is one best way to give proper credits to the best drawings or piece of artwork.

Reward Your Child for His Creativity and Effort

Aside from showing your child’s drawing to other people. You should give your child a reward for what he had done. Say for example, my daughter drawn a proper shapes like heart, circle, square and triangle. I promised her to bring her in McDonalds and bought a French fries and her favorite fried chicken.

I bought pencils for her, another sketchpad and a set of coloring pencils. She was became happy and keep on drawing accurate shapes. Yup. It is very common for a child to draw a shapes, but for a three-year old kid, it was amazing for me. I appreciate what my daughter drawn in her sketchpad. Some drawings are stars, tress, apple and her fingers.

What about you? In what way do you appreciate your child’s drawings? By what means do you reward the effort of your child or students for their drawings or artwork? Leave a comment below and share some ideas on how do you make your students keeping their interests in drawings.

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