How to Get AutoCad Certification from AutoDesk?

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Want to get AutoCad certification? It’s easy. When you attended AutoCad classes or completed the AutoCad training courses from AutoDesk authorized training centers, you can have the AutoCad certification. In our previous post, we mentioned that it is necessary for architects, draftsman, engineers and interior designers to have a AutoCad certification, for career and professional growth.


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Today, let me share to you my experience in attending AutoCad short courses. It takes only few months to finish the AutoCad training at MicroCadd (AutoDesk Authorized Training Center).

If you are a beginner or newbie in operating the AutoCad software especially the latest version (say for example AutoCad 2016, AutoCad 2017 or even the latest CAD 2018), is very difficult in the beginning, but when you already mastered the AutoCad basic commands, it will become easy.

I started creating simple lines in AutoCad, followed by shapes like rectangle, square, circles, etc. My AutoCad instructor in MicroCadd Institute, Inc. at San Fernando Pampanga Philippines is very nice, friendly and he is equipped with lots of knowledge and skills in operating AutoCad software. I would like to mention Egr. Rodolfo Valerio Jr. for patiently teaching me and my friends in using the AutoCad software.

So, what are you waiting for, find AutoDesk authorized training centers, attend AutoCad classes or trainings and get AutoCad certification afterwards. Now, (Daily Drawing Tips) is ready to share some basic AutoCad drawing tutorials for beginners.

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