Drawing of a Shoe in Sketch Pad with Motivational Quote

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Drawing of a Shoe in Sketch Pad with Motivational Quote


Drawing shoe with motivational quote about complaining. A popular Indian Proverb related to complaining; “I had no shoes and complained, until I met a man who had no feet”. This simply means there things we should be grateful for.

Drawing your own shoes can be a good way to learn drawing and sketching. There are many designs of shoes. If you have a simple design, those shoes are easy to draw. Shoes with lots of decorations aren’t easy to sketch. if you want to create a perfect shoe drawing, draw them with details. Include the parts of the shoes including the shoe lace if any, leather or rubber for the body.

Things Needed

  • Actual Shoes
  • Charcoal or 6B Pencil
  • Eraser


Pick one of your shoes. Place the shoe in a specific place preferably a place that can produce shadow in your shoes and a good background.

Position your shoes to where you are very comfortable when you sketch it. Take a look at your shoes with the different angles or positions.

Start sketching your shoes using light lines. And eventually apply “dark and light colors”. Background should not your be focused. Do not forget to show the shadows in your drawings.


  • Rubber shoes (running shoes) with lots of designs aren’t easy to draw but they are more attractive when you turned them into drawings.
  • Apply proper colors when you are drawing shoes.
  • Do not forget to make the brand logo in a detailed and well-accurate drawing.
  • Erasing unnecessary lines is imperative to make your drawing neat and clean.

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