Cute Girl Face Drawing (Like a Pretty Korean Celebrity)

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Cute Girl Face Drawing (Like a Korean Girl)


Looking for cool easy drawing og a girl? Here’s the best example. The girl in the drawing is a Filipina, She looks like pretty Korean celebrity. Artist: Joshua Lulu

Drawing a cute face of a girl isn’t easy. You need to exert effort and time for this. Drawing a face can be done by using graphs and you can sketch the shape of the face directly using your pencil. When you know how to create a portrait drawing, you can use this skill to earn money. Or if you want, you can create one and give it to someone as a gift.

Creating a portrait drawing is not easy. It takes few days to accomplish a perfect portrait. The hardest part in creating a portrait is the eyes and nose.

Things Needed

  • Illustration Board
  • Model Picture of a Girl
  • Pencil
  • Soft Brush
  • Eraser (Preferably gum eraser)
  • 6b Pencil or Charcoal Pencil


Draw the shape of the face. Copy the shape in your model picture. The shape in this drawing example is semi-rounded. At the bottom part, simply create a chin. Followed by lips, eyes and nose.

Draw the hair. Start with the light lines and then apply medium lines and dark lines. After you completed the hair, simply use the erase to show the effect of a real hair drawing.

Drawing Tips

  • In this drawing, the neck and shoulder was shown. Show shadow at the neck.
  • Apply smooth shading in your portrait drawing.
  • Make the eyes, nose and lips in detailed. To create a beautiful eyes, draw eyebrows and eyelashes fitted to the eyes.
  • Show the cheek bone in the face drawing by applying proper shading.

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