How to Create a Line in SketchUp Drawing Software Easily

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A tutorial on how to easily create a line in SketchUp drawing software. Creating lines is one of the basic things to know in drawing whether you are drawing manually or drawing using softwares. Learning how to use SketchUp drawing software is one of the best thing you should know. It’s free to use SketchUp, all you need to do is to go to the official website of SketchUp and then download the drawing software and install it i your computer.


Today, let us find out how to create a line in SketchUp easily. If you are familiar with the drawing software, you already know this basic SketchUp tutorial, anyway, some readers of Daily Drawing Tips ( are newbies and beginner artists a.k.a amateur artists.

How to Create a Line in SketchUp Easily

Step 1. Open your SketchUP drawing software.

Step 2. Choose, simple drawing template (inch or meters)

Step 3. Select the pencil icon. A command in creating a lines. for shortcut commands, just press “L”.

Photo Credit: SketchUp

Step 4. Choose freehand or mechanical drawing. You are now ready to execute you commands. You can create a perfect and accurate lines such as vertical and horizontal lines. Diagonal or inclined lines can also easily create using SketchUp drawing software.

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