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How to Appreciate Child’s Drawings?

Learn how to appreciate your child’s drawings in different simple ways. Here in Cool Easy Drawings, we can give tips to everyone how to appreciate artworks whether it be a painting, a drawing, or just a simple sketch from a kid, adult, amateur or an expert artists. Appreciating your child’s drawing is also one way in showing to be grateful for. You are giving your…

Artist | Cool Easy Drawings.com on April 16, 2017

Are Jumbo Pencils Good to Use in Drawing?

Familiar with the jumbo pencils? Do you use these very big pencils when drawing and sketching? A reader of Cool Easy Drawings ask question regarding which pencils are good to use when drawing and sketching. Which pencils do artist commonly use when they draw? Is it the jumbo pencils or just an HB pencil? Maybe you think a mechanical pencil will do. Jumbo pencils are…

Artist | Cool Easy Drawings.com on March 1, 2017

How to Make Money with Art Skills Online Using Painting & Drawing

Learn how to make money with your art skills like drawing, painting, tattooing, sculpting and even hand lettering with the help of the internet. You can earn a living with your art skills. Some artist are not aware to the fact that they can sell their artworks online. Artists should know how to become resourceful not only during the time when they're creating artwork but…

Artist | Cool Easy Drawings.com on March 1, 2017

What to Draw?

If you don't know what to draw, take a look of this lists of drawing ideas. If you believe "Art is fun", you should always have drawing ideas. There are many things you can draw. Some are easy things to draw and some are difficult. One of the best way to find an ideas on what to draw today is to think what is your…

Artist | Cool Easy Drawings.com on October 22, 2016

5 Benefits of Drawing & Sketching

Do you know the benefits you can get if you make drawing and sketching as your hobby? Maybe you think, drawing is good only for artists for for art enthusiast. Drawing is for everyone. Drawing is an art. Today, CoolEasyDrawings will give you an ideas about the benefits you can get if you make "drawing and sketching" a part of your life. Imagine, spending 30…

Artist | CoolEasyDrawings.com on October 2, 2016