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Cross Hatching Drawing of a Deer

Looking for easy cross hatching drawing? Try to draw this deer. Cross hatching is a drawing technique that use intersecting sets of parallel lines. To see some of the lines, take a look another easy cross hatching drawing of fox head. Redrawn by Yrrej Patrick Aguilar of Mexico, Pampanga, Philippines on October 2016. Share this beautiful cross hatched drawing of a deer with your friends.

Artist | on November 11, 2016

Simple Animal Drawing of Lion Head in Cross-Hatched

Here's another drawing of a lion. It was only the head of the lion that has been drawn by the artist compare to our previous drawing of lion, the whole body was drawn in cross-hatched method. To draw a lion, you just have to familiarize the head, eyes, nose and mouth of this wild animal.

Artist | on October 24, 2016

Animal Drawing A Fox Head in Cross-Hatched Small Thin Lines

Try to draw this fox and apply cross-hatch. This drawing of an animal is awesome and cool. The contrasting colors (black and white) near in the eye, nose and ears of this fox make this drawing beautiful. Cross-hatching using simple lines is not easy. Quote of the day: "Nature provides exceptions to every rule." ~ Margaret Fuller

Artist | on October 24, 2016

Cool Easy Drawing of Zebra in Contrasting Colors of Black White

Zebra is one of the easy to draw animals because of its simplicity and the combination of its color. It consist only two colors; black and white. The contrasting colors of black and white make this drawing cool and awesome. A cross-hatched drawing technique was used in this drawing. If you know how to draw a horse, drawing a zebra is probably easy for you.…

Artist | on October 23, 2016

Cool Easy Drawing of Baby Tiger (Cub) in Cross Hatched

What do you call a baby tiger? It's a cub! Here's a cool and easy drawing of cub in cross hatched technique. At first, you will think it's just a cat until you see its feet and eyes. Try to draw a baby tiger (cub) using your pencil and apply proper cross hatched in your drawing. If you liked this tiger drawing, kindly like and…

Artist | on October 23, 2016

Cool Easy Drawing of Rabbit in Cross Hatched Method

A simple, cool and easy drawing of a rabbit using cross hatched method. Drawing a rabbit can be very easy because of its unique lond ears, cute tail and animated body. Start drawing a rabbit using your pencil and eventually apply cross-hatched into it. If you liked the creature in this drawing, please like and share with your friends.

Artist | on October 23, 2016

Cool Easy Drawing of Mother & Child Panda Black & White Colors

One of the cool and easiest animals to draw are Pandas. This mother and child drawing of a Panda is beautiful because of its contrasting colors black and white. Try it with yourself using cross-hatched drawing techniques or just sketch using your pencil. Famous quotation from George Washington, "My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my…

Artist | on October 22, 2016

Easy Animal Drawing of Dog in Cross Hatched Technique

Here a drawing of a dog s one of the cool and easy drawing of animals on this site drawn by Jeffrey Magat. The artist used a cross-hatched technique for this cute drawing of a dog. According to Josh Billings; “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”  If you agree, share this drawing of a dog…

Artist | on October 22, 2016

Cool Easy Drawing of a Lion in Cross Hatched Method

Here is another cool easy drawings of animals, a lion in cross hatched drawing technique. The artist used a sign pen for this art. To draw a lion, you must familiarize the face and body of this wild animal. In this example, the lion's right foot is not good. The lion in this drawing is recognizable because of the hair around the head and neck.

Artist | on October 22, 2016

Cool Easy Drawing of a Fox in Cross Hatched Technique

Cute drawing of fox in pen and ink. Here is an example of cool easy drawing of an animal using cross hatched drawing technique. When drawing a fox, make sure the body is more slimmer than other type of dogs. To draw a fox using a cross hatched technique is challenging especially when applying the darker portion and light portion your drawing. Like and share…

Artist | on October 22, 2016