Best Pencil Drawings of Website Admin’s Pick

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Best pencil drawings of as chosen by the website admin. The best pencil drawings can be defined in three ways; originality, proper blending and creativeness. Drawing can be fun and interesting depending on the subject and the medium used.


All drawings are filed under drawings of people wherein there are many portrait drawings has been featured, get many views, likes and comments.

Best Pencil Drawings of Website Admin’s Pick

5. Portrait Drawing of Chris Evans Captain America Famous Hollywood Celebrity

4. Cute Girl Face Drawing Portrait Example (Proper Blending)

3. Harry Potter Portrait Drawing~Daniel Radcliffe Target Sketch

2. Artist’s Sketch Example (Girl Subject)

1. Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man Face Drawing with Helmet

Winner: President Rodrigo Durterte Portrait Drawing with Quote

Always visit Cool Easy Drawings official website to see more best pencil drawings. The next contest will be on December 2017. So, what are you waiting for? Contribute drawings, artworks to Cool Easy Drawings today. For more information on how to join the contest, kindly message us in our official Facebook page or just go to our contact page and send email message. Thank you!

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