AutoDesk SketchBook – Drawing and Painting App for Artists

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AutoDesk SketchBook is a useful drawing and panting app for beginner artists and professional artists created for convenient artwork creation and designing. If you are trying to find the best drawing app, consider SketchBook (drawing and painting app) from AutoDesk, Inc. We all know that AutoDesk, Inc. is a reliable company that owns a great drawing, drafting software – the AutoCad. It is absolutely our favorite drawing app ever. SketchBook app pen and paints act like a real thing (it acts like a physical art).


SketchBook app lets you edit your drawings using your phone or tablet. There is no issues in downloading and uploading pictures. SketchBook app is simple to use and it has more tools that every artists will ever need.
For me in my experience in drawing online, SketchBook app is the most quality sketch app I have used. The SketchBook app provides specific tutorials with many visuals. So far we created 25 drawings and soon will be upload in Cool Easy Drawings official website.

The SketchBook app let the artist rotate the canvas, it has layers and the artist can make drawing in tablet and phones convenient and easy.

We can say that even a 13 year old beginner in drawing can learn how to draw using this app, it is user friendly, very simplified drawing app, a great idea from AutoDesk, Inc.

Any beginning artist who wants to draw in tablet or phone, the SketchBook app is recommended. They can draw without having to pay using this app (for free version).

AutoDesk SketchBook Description from GooglePlay

Autodesk® SketchBook® is an intuitive painting and drawing application designed for people of all skill levels, who love to draw. We reimagined the paint engine, so SketchBook delivers more fluid pencils and natural painting than ever before, all while keeping the interface clean and simple. With SketchBook, capture everything from your smallest doodles to your biggest ideas, all in one place, no matter where you are.

A Look Inside AutoDesk SketchBook App

Free Features of AutoDesk SketchBook App

Free features:

  • Full screen workspace and unobtrusive user interface
  • 10+ preset brushes, including customizable pencils, pens, and markers that deliver a natural drawing experience
  • Synthetic pressure-sensitivity
  • 2500% zoom for controlling the finest details of your art
  • A complete Layer Editor with up to 3 layers and 16 blending modes
  • Symmetry and proportional transform tools

AutoDesk SketchBook Pro features (available for purchase in-app for $4.99, or free with a SketchBook Pro membership):

  • A comprehensive Brush Library: 100+ preset pencils, pens, brushes, and markers
  • Synthetic and smudge brush sets
  • Full Copic® Color Library
  • More layers
  • Full layer controls with 18 layer blending modes
  • Advanced selection tools (marquee, lasso, magic wand)
  • Gradient fills tools (linear, radial)

Note: you can also get AutoDesk SketchBook IOS, Android, Mac and Windows. For more information, visit (image credit). We think the best drawing software for windows is the AutoDesk SketchBook.

So, what are waiting for? Go find yourself in GooglePlay the AutoDesk SketchBook ap, try it for free and when you liked it more, then subscribe for pro version. Have time to review the AutoDesk SketchBook app using the comment box below.

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