Are Jumbo Pencils Good to Use in Drawing?

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Familiar with the jumbo pencils? Do you use these very big pencils when drawing and sketching? A reader of Cool Easy Drawings ask question regarding which pencils are good to use when drawing and sketching. Which pencils do artist commonly use when they draw? Is it the jumbo pencils or just an HB pencil? Maybe you think a mechanical pencil will do.


Jumbo pencils are good for kindergarten pupils when they starting to learn how to write. Kindergarten pupils are recommended to use big pencils because they are comfortable in handling these pencils and at the same time they can easily learn how to handle a pen easily.

Are Jumbo Pencils the Appropriate Drawing Tool

What about the artists or anyone who wants to learn how to draw or just figuring out what to draw? Should they use jumbo pencils? I think it always depends to the artists whether he will use big pencil or not. As long as the pencils being used are appropriate for his artwork project (drawing and sketching), there’s nothing wrong in using any kind of pencil.

Do make sure that your pencils can create different line weights and can render basic value scaling. Jumbo pencils for kindergarten can’t create a dark lines wherein dark lines are being use when making a shadow and blending.

If you are a beginner, jumbo pencils or any ordinary pencils are just fine. Just make sure you are learning how to draw different line strokes. And when you’re comfortable and skilled, you can use pencils just the same as the pencils used by many fine artists. Colour pencils, mechanical pencils, HB, 6B or even 8b pencils are the popular pencils being used when drawing and sketching.

Are Jumbo Pencils Good to Use in Drawing

Image Credit: charlene mcbride via Flickr CC 2.0 – pencils i have known


  • Jumbo pencils are for kindergarten pupils who are learning the proper way of handling a pen. Also, big pencils are appropriate for kids. Jumbo pencils can be handled comfortably by little kids with very small hands.
  • If you are a beginner, you can use either an ordinary pencil or the pencils used by many fine artists when they draw and sketch.
  • You can’t create a beautiful drawing if you’re just using ordinary pencils. Beautiful drawing are easy to sell. If you want to make art a living, then invest in your drawing tools in the first place.

What about you? Do you use jumbo pencils every time you draw? Or you use  the common drawing pencils? Leave a comment below. Stay tuned to Cool Easy Drawings for more useful drawing tips and tricks.

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