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Cool Easy Drawings is an art blog that provides useful drawing tutorials, drawing tips, tricks and collections of artwork created by different artists (Filipino artists, Asian, American artist). It has also articles related to art business and useful guides on how to use art to earn a living.

Cool Easy Drawings has different drawings using different mediums. Charcoal pencil, ordinary pencil, HB pencil, and even a sign pen or tech pen (use in pen and ink rendering). This site was started on March 2016 and the first published art work is the portrait drawing of Maine Mendoza also known as Yaya Dub. One of the artists of CoolEasyDrawings.com drawn Yaya dub and many people like the drawing. It’s not because Yaya dub is a popular celebrity but it is because the drawing is really cool.

Why Cool Easy Drawings?

Because there are so many cool artwork in this site, cute drawings, simple drawings of birds, animals and even easy drawings of kids favorite objects like balls, cars, toys, stuff toys, etc.

Cool Easy Drawings.com Objectives:

  • To promote creativity. Cool Easy Drawings.com value “creativity” than “competition”.
  • To challenge every artists to participate and let the world see their artworks.
  • To teach other people online on how to draw and share to them some great tips related to art like drawings and paintings.

My hobby is to draw. I spend my free time in drawing landscape and beautiful objects or fruits and other attractive things like flowers. Cool Easy Drawings has many drawings of cars, flowers, people, fruits, animals, anime, birds, aquatic animals, architectural plans, etc.

If you are a art enthusiast, have some fun on this site. But do not use our drawings in other website, works, projects without permission to site admin. (as written in Disclaimer & Terms of Use).

Submit Drawing at Cool Easy Drawings.com

You can be a regular artist of Cool Easy Drawings.com, feel free to send your artwork via email or send your artwork via Facebook page. (see contact page for other details).

Stay tuned to Cool Easy Drawings to see more creative art from different artists around the world. Thank you for visiting this site.


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